I’m not really sure what this blog is about.  I want it to be a place where I can share some thoughts, bounce around ideas, and stay in touch with friends.  Not sure if I have any unifying themes here either.  Just going to write about whatever is tickling my fancy at the moment.

 Things I like: (roughly in order)
1) Thinking.

2) St. John’s Basketball.

3) Reading.

4) Football Saturday’s at the Big House.

5) Writing.

6) Golfing the low and inside pitch over a short rightfield porch.

7) Figure out how the Internet is changing my life and how it will change yours.

8) Mozzerella Sticks, Nathan’s French Fries, San Diego Fish Tacos and McD’s BBQ sauce.

9) The Beach and the Ocean.

10) Baseball Stars on Nintendo.

11) Good Company

12) Solitude


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